List of Commonly Used Phrases and Words While Writing A Dissertation

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List of Commonly Used Phrases and Words While Writing A Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be interesting as well as challenging for a student. It is important to know how to keep a dissertation professional yet interesting. Be careful with your words, especially when you are looking for sociology dissertation help UK.

Writing a dissertation can either land you in a lot of trouble if you don’t know what you are doing. There are millions of students who are pursuing sociology degrees around the world, but they still don’t know how to write a good sociology dissertation. We have made a list of phrases and words that you can use while writing a dissertation.


We want to discuss some basics before we continue to the main topic for this article. According to the dictionary, the phrases are a small group of words that stand alone as an ideological unit. Phrases have a vital role in writing especially when it comes to academic writing. Phrases help the writer exhibit his thoughts and ideas in a concise and structured manner.

For example, Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the factors affecting human behavior. We consider sociology as an integral part of social sciences, and various institutes offer professional degrees in sociology.


If you are about to write a dissertation on sociology, there is a wide list of research topics that you can choose from. Writing a dissertation is often easier because you can always use words and phrases in your dissertation to make your work stand out. We have made a list of words and phrases that you can use while writing a dissertation. Let’s begin by discussing the most commonly used phrases:

Firstly, secondly and thirdly:

This is the first phrase on our list for your next dissertation writing. It is a good way of listing reasoning. Since dissertation writing is about making a point and proving it, you need to support it with evidence and reasoning. Using these words in your dissertation is a good way of adding structure to your writing. 

You can list your points in a sequence and explain each of the points as a separate entity. It will help you build a good argument ground and help the reader see things with greater readability. For example, experts that offer sociology dissertation help UK tend to use this method to add weight to their argument and writing. You will often find things listed in this manner in formal writing.

In the light of/ in the view of/ considering:

There are several commonly used words that you can use in your dissertation writing. Since dissertation writing is all about supporting your stance with external evidence as it is a good way of writing. You can reference a study or research and use it as a base to continue with your work ahead. Also, you can pose your argument further while taking an author’s words as a baseline. You can use it to explain an argument furthermore in your writing.

According to XYZ:

The next phrase on our list is perhaps the most commonly used one. It is the simplest yet the most effective way of referencing someone else. You can add the name of a writer, a book or any reliable source and then continue to quote it to the reader.

Professional sociology dissertation help UK companies often highlight important things in this manner. Using this referencing method lets the writer present his or her ideas in a better way. There is an alternate way of using this phrase as well which is commonly known as “in the view of XYZ. you can play around with this method and use different sources in your dissertation writing.


Moreover/ furthermore:

The next phrase on our list is moreover or furthermore. Writers use these phrases when they continue to press on a particular point of view and find additional things to your views. People consider sociology as a science all over the world now, and it requires proper scientific defense when it comes to writing a thesis or a dissertation. You can add additional information without distorting your existing words by using these phrases in your next dissertation writing.

In order to:

The next phrase on our list is in order to. You often come across multiple scenarios where you need to justify the reasoning for something. Just like you can always write it simply, but using the phrase of “in order to” or “to this end” adds more writing beauty to your dissertation.

Plus, you can increase your clarity for the reader using this phrase in your writing and further explaining your point to him or her.

In other words:

We often come across situations where we try to reference a book or publication that is not easy to understand for a general reader. We can use the phrase of in other words to explain the point in a more casual and reader-friendly manner. Always remember that the higher readability that your dissertation writing has, the more likely it will be understood by everyone. You can use this method to explain a particular point in a slightly different way.

However, it is important to maintain balance while trying to use this phrase. You can ironically increase the confusion for the reader if you keep over-explaining everything with such phrases.

Likewise, or similarly:

You will often come across things that support each other. You can always add similarly and explain two things together without breaking the flow of writing. Moreover, you can also use “likewise” or “similarly/ as well as”, and many other variants of this phrase in your writing.

It is best to find opinions and things that resonate with your own thoughts and opinion as they will strengthen your stance on a particular topic. Experts that provide sociology dissertation help UK use these phrases all the time. It helps them support their writing with additional facts that are of similar nature. You will be surprised to know how different your dissertation looks once you start using this phrase in your writing. You can think of it as a fancy way of writing too.

On the contrary/ conversely:

There are multiple situations where you also find things that are different from what you opine. The best way to add them to your dissertation is to use the phrase on the contrary. It will help you contrast between two different things. You can further explain their difference and clarify the difference between the two and add value to your dissertation.

It helps your present alternate theories to your stance as it is a sign of a good dissertation. Dissertation writing is all about correcting your mistakes and learning from them. So, if you find something that is correct but different than your own personal opinion, make sure to add it to your dissertation. It is a good way of looking at things from a different point of view.

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