Tips to Write a Perfect Literature Review Outline for MBA Your Dissertation

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Tips to Write a Perfect Literature Review Outline for MBA Your Dissertation


Dissertations are formal written pieces of writing which are usually given by colleges or universities to increase the writing skills of the students. We also call dissertations thesis Students to tend to struggle with writing these dissertations. For example, students look for MBA dissertation help UK all the time on the web. 


We write various parts in a standard dissertation writing in a structured manner. The literature review is one of these parts that every quality dissertation needs to have. Every student wishes to get the best grades for this dissertation and looks for the MBA top up dissertation only. 

We write a literature review in research when a writer uses external written sources to support his own research. It is a survey of various scholarly sources such as books, articles and many others. 


Literature reviews are one of the easiest things to find on the internet. You can easily find literature reviews for your relevant topics without a fuss. There are tons of literature review sample that you can view and learn from before you start writing your own. 


Writing a literature review is an absolute must if you are writing a research thesis or a dissertation. It helps you support and strengthens your work in the light of pre-published material. You need to add the literature review after you add the dissertation introduction to your thesis. A literature review will help you prove your stance better and increase the quality of your dissertation writing. 


With all that said, we now know that literature reviews are necessary for a dissertation. The best way to begin writing your dissertation literature review is to do your research.


Research and study play a vital role in writing a good piece of dissertation. Students need to know how to do a literature survey because there are millions of academic sources available for students use. However, a student should know how to use the relevant ones only. Companies that provide MBA dissertation help UK tend to provide these researched sources to the client to ensure their satisfaction. Researching a particular literature review allows you to know your options while writing the dissertation ahead.

Select The Right Method:

Several types of literature review are available on the web and through offline sources. It is important to know and select the right kind of methods for writing your literature review. Systematic, argumentative, integrative etc. are some of the basic kinds of literature review methods. 

Each of these methods serves their own purpose. All of these literature review methods are reliable, but each of these methods reaps a different kind of result for the writers depending on the need of the dissertation writing. Professional MBA dissertation help UK often use systematic or argumentative writing methods in their dissertation for clients. 

List Your Sources:

The next tip from our experts to write a good dissertation literature review is to know your sources. It is always best to make a list of available sources that you have for your literature review. There are magazines, books, publications and other material that you can choose from. It is essential to choose the sources that are factually correct and have the most credibility.

Your writing will be as scientifically sound as the number of reliable sources that it has. Make sure to use multiple sources that support your stance to strengthen your research hypothesis.


Go Through What You Collect:

A common mistake that students make while they collect literature review material is not reading it themselves. Students tend to focus on collecting as many references as possible. It often lands them in trouble because they are unaware of the material inside their literature review.

It refrains writers from fully utilizing the literature material that they collect. So, it is best to read your collected material as it will expand your knowledge on the topic too. You will be able to defend your stance better if you have abundant amounts of information and facts on the topic.

Learn To Fill Gaps:

You will often come across situations where you will not be able to connect your stance and a certain literature source. This is where your professional skills should come in. Dissertation writers should know how to connect the literature review sources to your own dissertation. Thus, it is essential to analyze your work critically when you start working. It is a good skill to practice, and it will help you in professional life as well. 

Students tend to hurry into writing their dissertations without realizing the need for identifying their gaps. It later lands them in trouble, and then students look for professional help such as MBA dissertation help UK. There is a raging increase in the number of students relying on professional services for their dissertation writing. Students can easily learn to identify these gaps and work on them if they a bit of extra attention to their work methodology.

Highlight Parts Of Our Interest:

You will come across a lot of relevant and irrelevant information when it comes to a literature review. It will help you learn how to extract important information and use it when the time comes in your dissertation. You can always highlight or note important parts of your writing and use them while writing your dissertation writing.

It is a bit of an extra step but helps run things smoothly later when you start working in a structured manner. It helps you have all the relevant information in a separate area so that you can write in a more focused and concise manner. There are several tools like google scholar that can assist you with this task as well. You need to learn how to use things in the smartest way possible if you want to write a good dissertation.

Study Abstracts:

 The easiest way to decide whether a dissertation literature review is worth a read or not is to read its abstract. An abstract is a summary of a thesis. It helps the writer know the things covered in the thesis and use it to his or her convenience. 

You can read these abstracts if you do not want to invest too much time in reading complete pieces of literature. Reading the abstract gives a fair idea to the reader whether the particular literature is of use for the writer or not. Another plus point of reading these abstracts is that you can find recommendations for the research. This way you will not need to look for MBA dissertation help UK for your dissertations.

You can use these recommendations to make the necessary changes to your research methodology to get better results more efficiently. You will start to improve the overall quality of your work once you develop the habit of utilizing literature reviews to the maximum.

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